Tuesday, August 14, 2012

paint my spirit gold

Home sweet Dome in T-minus somethingish hours. 
It'd be more exciting, except I'm still packing. (And by "still" packing I mean I made a half-hearted attempt last night, then fell asleep in a despairing agony and agonies of despair on the sofa.)
The good news is that I've gathered all my boxes and bags and the unpacked suitcase from the summer (Didn't bother unpacking that dude. Whoops.) into one area. So I know exactly how much I have to do. It's just that it's a lot. And now I have to do it.


This is the part of packing I always hate. So usually I just procrastinate and write a blog post.
My sister's pretty annoyed with me. (I wonder why? Maybe because I keep complaining about packing instead of doing it. Whatevs.) 
So in honor of her, we'll play one of her favorite songs! 
In addition to being one of her favorites, this is one that's been an irreplaceable part of my packing soundtrack. I think it's apropos. Especially when spirits flag, daunted by the mountain of clothes yet to pack. 

So sit back, listen, and enjoy! It's a heart-warming little ditty.

I'm going to get another cup of coffee.

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