Sunday, August 19, 2012

now that's just hawkward

As I walked through campus last night, I passed little groups and pockets of freshmen undergoing the college induction ritual known around ND as Frosh-O. Oh dear me. Frosh-O. Probably the most hawkward experience ever known to human kind. (Second only perhaps having an extended conversation with your rector while wearing in bath towel. Not that that ever happens.) But truly, despite it's weirdness and infamous awkwardness, I think Frosh-O is delightful experience. Starting college is just weird, folks. Everything is new and different and no one really knows quite how to process the experience. As I told my mother today, "The first few weeks of college are kind of just miserable." No matter how happy you are at some points, there's this underlying feeling of restlessness and uprootedness. I imagine transplanted seedlings feel the same way.
(At least freshman orientation makes for fantastic awkward bonding time and even better stories. Being in Frosh-O, making it happen, and watching it unfold all over campus in front of you are all fascinating and very illuminating activities.)

So, in honor of Frosh-O happening all around me, I would like to offer the best piece of advice I've ever ever (no really. Ever.) received:

Rock the awk.

Awkward things happen. They just do. We say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or we miss a subtle yet critical social cue, or we discover that two of our acquaintances are basically for all intents and purposes identical twins, and we proceed to call one of them the other's name, and thankfully they don't hear us, but the other five people surrounding us on the bus hear us and laugh at our egregiously painful/awkward mistake.
I'm just talking hypotheticals here.

But it's okay. A modified version of one of my most recent life mottos looks like this:
Laugh it off. Walk it off. Put it in a play.

If you're not into writing plays, go with this:
Laugh it off. Walk it off. Rock the awk.

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