Saturday, August 11, 2012

finna be a daughter of light

This week is just a week full of great feast days of great women, ain't it? And all this is just a drumroll before the Assumption next week. Which is, coincidentally, the day I move back into my cozy little Notre Dame home. Color me psyched.

Meet Philomena: a Greek Girl Story
So today is casually the feast day St. Philomena. Philomena's kind of an obscure-ish saint (a hipster saint, if you will? Check out her life story here.), she's the patroness of impossible/lost causes (read: my life), and her name means daughter of light (wait...daughter of light...light's all clicking). 
I first learned about Philomena from a coloring book I had when I was seven. I remember I colored a robe she was wearing a ghastly combination of mint green and maroon. 
(My dreams of being a clothing-designer were short-lived. Maybe for the best.)

Philomena also happens to be my confirmation saint. 
It's casual. Not a big deal.


  1. I also had a St Philomena colouring book when I was little! :D She really is awesome.

  2. Totes also had a saints coloring book... I don't think she was in mine, though!