Wednesday, August 8, 2012

add to the beauty

Current favorite song: (besides Some Nights. My obsession with that song has reached a pathetic level. I was actually upset with the radio for not playing it this morning. I need help.)


Lil' Moment of Grace Here:
my brain caught up to what my soul already knew.

Some conversations are just true blessings. I think one of the greatest gifts of the summer was realizing the astounding miracle that is conversation. The genuine sharing of souls that can be made possible through conversation is beautiful and awe-ful. There were several moments this summer when I would embark on a conversation, and I would be hit by the realization that there was this infinite being in front of me and there was so much I wanted to know about them, and so much I wanted to say to them and hear their thoughts and opinions and ideas. Just struck by the magnitude of the person sitting in front of me.

One of these conversations came today with a friend. During which, she told a story of watching a mother call her son into dinner. The mother didn't tell her little boy that it was time to come inside because it was dinnertime. She just called his name and beckoned him inside. The little boy jumped off the swing and just ran to his mother. He didn't ask why or what for--he just ran.

My friend likened that moment to what God had been doing in her heart all summer. Just calling. Not shouting instructions or giving reasons. But just calling. And waiting for her to respond and come running.


On the homefront: Inspired by the Olympics, my little brother has decided to hone his nascent fencing skills. This means waving his plastic sabre in the air (usually in the vicinity of Sassy Free Spirit--much to her chagrin) until he hits something and is then told in highly imperative tones to "take it to the basement" or to "go run around outside" (he dug up an old bow and arrow in the basement, so the outdoors have become perilous territory as well). Today, as he was sent downstairs, he protested that Sassy Free Spirit would have been disqualified anyway, because she crossed her arms over her torso in self-defense, which apparently is a disqualification since she "blocked the scoring zone." Hate to break it you, bud, I said,  but it's not a fencing match when only one person has a sword
He chose to ignore that statement. 
I shudder to think of what our lives would become if he happened to catch something like the javelin throw or the hammer toss on NBC.
Spare us.

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