Tuesday, July 10, 2012

some nights all day, e'ry day

Seven States. Seven Days. 
A Break Week Story.

We did it, y'all.
We made it through break week. 
In one week, we hit up seven different sovereign states of our glorious union.

We daydreamed our way through Newport, Rhode Island. We danced our way through NYC, and we trudged our way around Boston.
"It's a very walkable city," quoth our host. Yes, indeed it is. We walked all over that thriving metropolis.

There is nothing like adventure for
A) Forming new friendships. Travel allows you to see new and wonderful sides of people. A game of hot seat in the house in Worcester was one of the most delightful evenings of the trip.

B) Teaching you about yourself. You have to leave the comfort of your environs to learn more about the world and about yourself and how you encounter the world. There's something about travel that allows you to exit your little world you build for yourself. Travel takes you out of yourself and into yourself. It's a beautiful, healing things. Hitting up Walden Pond and walking through the woods is definitely a moment of self-encounter.

C) Returning home again. Home, (or the Dome) would never be as wonderful if were always there. Home is a place to come back to. Driving through the night to arrive back on campus at one o'clock AM was completely worth it as soon as I saw the beautiful Golden Dome glistening against the starry sky, and my heart skipped with joy. Returning back to the familiarity was such a joyful treat. Returning back to all the Vision family we'd missed was also very joyful (also, we got to brag about our break week. And that was fantastic.)

Some nights I always win. I always win break week.

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