Saturday, July 14, 2012

sacrament of love, par excellence

This summer, I'm working as a mentor-in-faith at a Summer camp called Notre Dame Vision. All this you knew. 

Right? Right.
Okay. Next statement.

This summer, my world has been exploded open in the most marvelously beautiful and terrifying way. 

Yesterday, during Tim O'Malley's incredible talk he does each week on the sacramental, Eucharistic vocation of a Christian, I realized that I wasn't the same person that left Notre Dame in May. Once you realize that the Eucharist is your vocation your world sort of isn't the same. 
Let me say that again, because it's taken me approximately a month and a half to barely begin to understand what that means: 
the Eucharist. Is. Your. Vocation. 
Our vocation. Yours Mine and Ours. 
We are called to be the Eucharist for the world.
Meaning, as Christ pours Himself out in an endless and insanely beautiful sacrifice of self for us, we are to pour ourselves out in love to others.

It is actually ridiculous and insane. Because if God is not at the center of your worldview it will actually look ridiculous and insane. If self-giving love is not the order of your world, then the universe will frustrate your attempts to understand it.

This week has been undeniably the strangest and most intense week of my life. Everything is familiar, nothing I recognize is in it's place. The world is brand-new. And I'm on an adventure into the heart of this brave new world.

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