Saturday, July 21, 2012

planting seeds

I know that I could not survive this summer if I could not hope for meaning, meaning to 
my mother’s life,[my husband’s] and mine, to our children’s, to all the larger family, to 
everybody, to all things, including the rock at the bottom of the brook and the small frog. 
What that ultimate meaning may be I do not know, because I am finite, and the meaning I 
hope for is not. But God, if he is God, if he is worth believing in, is a loving God who will 
not abandon or forget the smallest atom of his creation.

--Madeliene L'Engle

Top Nine is a thing we do during Vision to recap each morning what happened the previous day. So here are the Top Nine prayers of a Vision Mentor, a small person trying to find the right words to convey the right meaning, trying to find meaning in a difficult week, trying to let the meaning of their lives shine forth, and not get in the way of the light this summer:

9. Come, Holy Spirit.
8. Help.
7. I do not ask to see the distant scene, one step enough for me.
6. Stay with me, then I shall begin to shine as you do; to shine so as to be a light to others. The light, O Lord, will be all from you; none of it will be mine; it will be you shining on others through me. (full prayer)
5. He must increase but I must decrease.
4. Let me not speak right now, but let You speak.
3. Don't let me get in my own way. Let the Truth be present.
2. I trust in you.
1. Come, Holy Spirit.

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