Thursday, July 19, 2012

my bones are shifting in my skin

So, the wonderful thing about losing my journal (I know what you're thinking: you're thinking--there ISN'T anything good about losing your journal. Bear with me and listen here) is that everything I've experienced in the past few months has just sort of flowed through my life like a wave. I haven't been able to capture it down on paper. Everything has just been experienced. There's been a certain kind of living in the moment that I don't often do. It's refreshing.

My old friend is back with me, so nothing to fear; I'm not letting my diary out of my sight again. But it was nice to be on my own for a few weeks.

Vision has been an incredible time to reflect and regroup from the school year. And going to my grandparent's house this next week will be an excellent time to reflect and regroup from Vision.  And I'm glad I have my trusty diary with me at the Rancho. During Vision, there really isn't much time for journaling. A million other duties call you. But at the Rancho, everything slows down. The only duties are to eat peach cobbler at least twice a day, walk in the woods, sit on the screen porch, talk, look through old photo albums, eat, talk, eat, talk, and ride the bikes up and down the driveway over and over again, enjoy the sound of silence, and write. Write write write. You might think it sounds suspiciously like heaven. And you'd be right.

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