Sunday, July 1, 2012

the fidgety-oos

Somedays, there's nothing to do but drink coffee and sit around and talk with friends.

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking: HA.

If you think that I'm describing heaven/a pipe dream, you have not yet experienced the metanoia of a Lazy Sunday. I know, I know. I used to be right there with you. I thought: No. Lazy Sundays were a thing of the past. Lazy Sundays existed back in the Jurassic period when there was no homework, meetings, or 500 group projects to complete.

But then today happened. I left the house twice: once in the morning to go on a walk in Elm Park (hey, one of the oldest parks in the nation--whaddup) and then once in the evening for Mass (hot. sweaty. But beautiful music [hey, Cantique by that French composer whose name escapes me at the moment--whaddup]) and ice cream (Hey, Friendly's where everyone is friendly--whaddup). And it made me realize: THIS. THIS is what SundaytheLord'sDay is supposed to look like.

I mean, I could've done without "watching" the Eurocup. Most of us didn't really watch it. I was mostly sending e-mails trying to get grants, etc. during that time. Okay, so that was a part of my Sunday that didn't really fit in with the "work-free" theme we were going for. But whatevs. I spent a Sunday where I did almost nothing but put on my Sunday best and said: there's lots of world out there. But I'm content to stay in the air conditioning and not experience it. I found enough adventure in the evening air with pasta salad (the quintessential summer food!) and a Sunday sundae.

This taking it easy dealio is not a bad life.

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