Monday, July 23, 2012


Today I left Notre Dame and left behind ND Vision 2012.

The amount of beauty, joy, pain, adventure, learning, growing, forgiving, and loving that was packed into these past six weeks is truly unbelievable. We spent all of yesterday (at least the parts we didn't spend dancing) reflecting on the summer. 

My friend Denise and I headed to the crypt of the Basilica, foiled in our attempts to enter the main church by the trillion weddings--like football, an inescapable part of Saturdays at ND--and so we entered into the quiet, air-conditioned crypt. As I sat on the floor, trying to put on paper what that summer had been. I pored over the notes, the reflections, and the scraps and sentences that I had jotted down throughout the summer.

One phrase leapt out at me like a neon sign. The first time it entered my life was that opening retreat, and it had whirled around in my heart and soul throughout the summer:

Behold, I make all things new.

I love looking back on things, because I love seeing how much change has occurred in myself, sometimes without even realizing it. And the incredible amount of growth that has taken place. And it's amazing to me how much change and growth has happened in the past six weeks. I feel completely made new.

And so, today marks the beginning of a new adventure.

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