Monday, July 16, 2012

be here. now.

Please do not place burned out candles on top of new candles.

Confession: My name is Renée and I'm a hopeless Romantic. Romantic as in Romanticism. As in: I believe in moments. I believe in signs. I believe that God speaks to us through the tiniest, ordinariest day-to-day coincidences and occurences. Because when you look at the world through eyes of Faith, eyes that are oriented correctly. Eyes that have been taught to see God in all things, because God is the One Thing, then you do see God everywhere and in all things. Even places you really wouldn't expect to find Him. You see Him in the woman singing PAINFULLY off-key next to you in Mass, you see Him in the ridiculously glamorous young gallant/secular intellectual who wines and dines you with intoxicating elegance, and you see Him in just random, dreadfully quotidien signs, such as the sign instructing you not to smother the new candles with the old.

The sign caught my eye as I was praying at the Grotto. And I was mesmerized by it, and I smiled as I realized that the sign was telling me more than to please not removed burned out candles and put them in the bin above unused ones. The sign was telling me something more important. Don't take the junk from the past and cover up the light of the present. Don't let the burnt charred remnants of past faults and mistakes blot out the light of grace. Don't get caught up in the old and let it bury the possibility of the new.

Last week was an intense, beautiful, and incredibly difficult week. Week 3 of Vision did me in, folks. I felt absolutely like a candle burned out. The thing they don't tell you about being a lightbearer is that the light has to burn something in order to shine. What does it burn? It burns away your Self. It burns away the part of you that would cling to yourself. But you must lose your life in order to save it. You must give it all away in order to receive it.

But don't place the burned out candles on top of new candles. Let the used candles go. Pick up a new candle. Light it. And let the light burn anew. 

To paraphrase Mama T:
Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Vision 2012, Week 4. 
Let us begin.

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