Friday, June 15, 2012

who you were at the start

Today, I rode a horse. This was a big deal for me. The last time I rode a horse, I was about four and my Uncle Joe led my cousin and I around the paddock.

Yeah, so I'm not exactly an equestrian.

But, all that ended today. Today, I rode Simon. Simon was a sassy little mahogany beast. My eye lit on him right away. He was a trip and a half. If it had been in the Phaedrus, that horse was definitely the spirited part of the soul. The horsekeeper assured me that once Simon was on the trail, he would follow the other horses. 
Yeah, no.

As soon as we left the paddock, Simon decided to canter towards the lake. 

I wasn't cool with that.

With the help of the assistant horsekeeper, we got Simon on the right trail, following the others. I was instructed to keep him at the back of the line. Simon had different ideas. He decided his place was at the front of the line. The beautiful thing about riding a horse is that you unite your will with the will of this powerful creature and you work together to get to your destination. Simon and I had a relationship of give-and-take, compromise and negotiation. If he wanted to gallop, I would let him (and yes, sometimes encouraged him with kissy noises. [sidebar: all animals {except skunks. They're annoying.} love kissy noises. We learned this from a dog trainer long, long ago, and I've found recently that many different animals respond to it. Simon responded to kissy noises by galloping. Good to know, right?] And then when I'd had enough, I reined him in with a concrete pull on the reins and a WHOA. It was exhilarating. Running through the woods on a beautiful horse is the sort of adrenaline rush all roller coasters are trying to mimic.

So, despite that one time Simon tried to bite another horse, and that time he kicked a little bit, and the time he almost rode us into the lake, we had a great time together.

Just call me ReNEIGH I'm an equestrian. 

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