Wednesday, June 6, 2012

waddling to freedom

A week ago, my friend and I were walking along railroad tracks. We happened upon a row of ducklings waddling down the tracks. They were stuck in the railroad bed, between the two metal tracks, desperately trying to hop over one of the tracks down to the bottom of the embankment, where the little creek ran by.

The poor things--we couldn't just leave them. But They were all alone, and to heighten the drama, we had seen a fox in the area only a few moments before. If there's one thing I know about the Circle of Life's food chain, it's that Fox eats Duckling. We had to rescue them. 

So my friend ran off and headed them off, and I scooped them up one by one and plopped them over the embankment. It was an arduous task. They would slip by us, and waddle with the most impressive speed away from us. They resisted being picked up, and trembled in my hands as I lifted them over the tracks. But as soon as they hit the ground, they took off running, tripping over themselves in their eagerness to reach the water. And once they reached the water, they quacked with joy, and eagerly sought out their siblings who had gone before them.

It was some metaphor. Realizing that these ducklings were us. Whenever we get in trouble, stuck on the tracks of life, with foxes lurking in the underbrush nearby, we desperately seek our own solution for escaping. But ultimately, we simply just don't have what it takes to leap over the tracks. We need help. How comforting to realize God is looking out for us. And as terrified as the ducks were of the giant hands coming out of the sky to rescue them, those hands ultimately led to their salvation. We can resist God's efforts to help us, and often do. We, unlike ducklings,  have free will, which gives us the awful, terrible, power to accept or refuse his grace. But just as we were determined not to let one ducky stay unrescued, God relentlessly seeks us, and continually offers His grace with unflagging love.

Wow. What a lover, right? I mean, after being rejected by someone a million times, over and over, I would defs just say: "Sucks to suck. Deuces, bro." and walk away. How comforting to know that God will never just throw up deuces and leave you stranded on the tracks. That's kinda nice of Him. 

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  1. This is an adorable image and a fantastic analogy. I haven't been keeping up with your blog for a while and I missed it! Glad to be back on that.