Sunday, June 3, 2012

pursue the road with eager feet

Summer adventures: Go time.

Rewind approximately seven hours ago:
I could stay up, trying to pack, but spend most of my time hating myself and/or crying. Or I could go to bed and pack in the morning, fresh-faced and with a refreshed and revived can-do attitude. Which should I do?

Answer: If there's one thing I learned this semester, sleep> than any other gift God has given to mankind. When in doubt, sleep.

Sleep, because when starting off on a journey, it's best to have all your wits about you, and to have the most cheerful outlook on life as possible. Moving from one place to the other takes so much effort. And in order to view it as an adventure, and not as the supreme incarnation of drudgery, it's necessary to have every reservoir of energy full and brimming over. The drama of travel is not for the sleep-deprived.

Drama such as:

*Three hours until departure. Should I pack or should I stalk every single person in the world on Facebook?
*Where is that ONE shirt that I want? I can find every other article of clothing but that ONE shirt. Where is it?
*How much does the checked bag weigh? 48.9 lbs? Will it weigh the same at the airport?? Or will it magically gain 1.2 lbs???? The suspense!!!

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