Monday, June 4, 2012

piano is not firewood yet

Well, apparently xkcd isn't a Rules Girl. And yeah, I've been kinda obsessed with xkcd recently. Only the snarkiest, sharpest webcomic in the history of probably ever (or at least the history of the interwebz). And, it became an essential part of my 12-step program for breaking my Facebook addiction. My friend told me: "Whenever I want to visit Facebook I just head to xkcd and hit the "random" button. I think it's made me a better person." I recognize brilliant advice when I see it (usually. Unless it's coming from my mom. It's like a rule that you can't accept your mother's advice the first time she gives it to you. Otherwise how would you ever come to the humbling realization: shoot. I should have listened to my mom?) so I took it. 
And, yes, I think it has made me a significantly better person.

Okay, but the Rules. Someone called someone a Rules Girl in class, and I thought to myself: the Rules?? What does this mean?? So I behooved myself over to Auntie Seraphic's, and discovered that she links to the Rules. And then I found a Wikipedia article of them. (Dear Wikipedia, Have I ever mentioned how much I love you? I know I'm often remiss about it. S0 hear this: you and your endless collections of semi-useful knowledge are my favorite. Love, Renée) And I don't think I buy them. Sure, I'm down with "Be a creature unlike any other" and "Don't think you can change him," and in some sense, I totally agree with "Don't accept a date for Saturday after Wednesday," and I wish I could keep that rule--but although the spirit is willing, the flesh is so weak. And if [insert crush's name here] asks me on Thursday to go out on Saturday, I'm not gonna not. 

And on a more serious note, if you really love someone, you don't initiate power moves like "Always end the date first" "Always end phone calls first," etc. Those are just straight-up power moves when done simply for their own sake. They're saying: okay, I'm busy, gotta run. Nice spending time with you, but I've got Important Things that Can't Wait. And for a prideful person, such as myself, it's humbling when the other person ends things first, or when you see them first walking through the student center, and call out their name and approach them without them seeing you first and inviting you to them, or when you have to make the effort to call them. 

I'm the first person to tell you a man has to pursue you, and keep pursuing you with his whole heart. But love is different than a one-way relationship of ardent wooing (ardent wooing sometimes sound a lot nicer than love. You just sort of stand on your pedestal while men give you flowers and tell you nice things about yourself, and your heart remains happily intact). But we weren't made to be worshiped--we were made to be loved, and to love in return. And in order to love, you have to reciprocate. You have to humble yourself. And sometimes that whole humbling yourself and offering your love to someone sounds like it sort of sucks. But in the happiest way possible.

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