Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Edith Stein Posse

Check out this fantastic post by Seraphic. Shout out to Edith Stein in it, a true feminist for the ages.

During Vision, each mentor is paired up with a Model-in-Faith throughout the summer, whose image is on our group poster, and who's our pray partner through the next weeks. No joke, Edith Stein is my prayer partner. I'm totally down with that. 

Today was definitely a humbling day. Midday I went through the Basilica (Air conditioning+Jesus=yes please, Basilica), and I stopped at my favorite station of the cross. I love this station, because Christ stares right out at you, with a haunting, beautiful expression. He seems to be inviting you to join your pain with His--this suffering Christ understands what it is to be having a rough day and wishing you could press the "reset" button. I noticed that He wasn't actually carrying the cross in that picture. I checked what station number it was. Sure enough, it was station number five: Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross. 

That was definitely a call for humility. If there's one thing I'm bad at, it's asking for help. "I can do it," is the  battle cry of three-year-olds and myself. I want to prove that I'm old enough, brave enough, strong enough, and smart enough. 

Christ couldn't even do it alone. He needed help. The task of Redemption--casually the most important task in His life (or in the history of the world, no big deal)--was a task Christ needed help to perform. Christ lowered Himself to experience the most humbling aspect of the human experience: admitting you need assistance. Confessing to someone that you need them, that no one can carry a cross on their own.  Not even God.

How difficult dependence is. But how beautifully necessary.

"If you trust in yourself, you will never accomplish [the cross]; but if you put your trust in God, you will be given strength from heaven."

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