Saturday, June 9, 2012

babbling brook begets a wild creature

Yes, I'm addicted to xkcd at the moment. No, I don't see that as a problem.

So I have a pretty weird relationship with music. I'm not one of those Music People. Music People know music really well. I mean like really well. They listen to NPR and know the Tallest Man on Earth and the Presidents of the United States of America. (I don't mean they've befriended Guinness Book of World Record Entries and memorized a list of our country's commander-in-chiefs; I mean they've memorized every lyric to every song on every EP produced by this artist and this band, respectively.) I've just never been able to "get into" music. I have so many friends who definitely are--into music, that is, and super knowledgeable about it-- a fact which serves to A) make me feel wildly inferior and uncultured. [Silver lining: feeling like an utter philistine is always good for the ol' ego.] B) exposes me to really awesome music. So yeah. There's that.

(All mah freaky hipster friends salivating over Radiohead at Bonnaroo prompts these kinds of late night posts. That's where these random thoughts are coming from.)

And I also like that each song has memories attached to it. I will always think of that one friend who loves Peter Bradley Adams, or who first introduced me to the Avett Brothers, or the first time I heard Mumford. The memories and the music become linked together. And I like that. I like that the music represents different relationships, moments, memories and stories. That's more my style anywhoodle.

So what I do is garner music from all these friends, from the interwebz[shout out to Pandora], from my own findings. I often will find a piece Iove that I listen to over and over again, an inappropriately gluttonous amount. [See: "The Girl," "Uncharted," "Summertime Clothes," and "Samson" There's something so satisfying about replaying a song over and over and over and over, until it becomes integrated into your soul. So perfectly woven into the soundtrack of your life.

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