Sunday, April 8, 2012

where, Oh Death, is now your sting?

"Are you a Christmas person or an Easter person? Do you prefer glistening snow and babes in swaddling, or spring tulips and brilliant mornings? Or does Good Friday’s cry of agony and abandonment speak most powerfully to your experience?
The Church in her wisdom proclaims: False choice.
The Incarnation and the Paschal Mystery are one reality: we are ever enwombed and entombed in God. And to be enveloped ceaselessly in the One who is Love Eternal is to “pass through” time—through birth and death—as the sun’s rays race through the galaxy.
It hardly seems that way. The nails searing through flesh, the strained lungs gasping for air, the excruciating freefall of childbirth—-such passages evoke no hallelujahs but howls of panicked bewilderment: My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?
And yet the Scriptures present the Risen Lord speaking through Paul the Apostle: Let me tell you, now that I have passed through: Nothing—I tell you nothing, neither principalities nor powers, Satan, Doubt, the Crushing of Bones, the Incineration of Bodies—NOTHING—can separate us from the Love of God. It surrounds, pervades, sustains—it liberates! It rolls up death in a tidy pile, tossed “in a separate place.”
Because Jesus was ever in God, he predicted this. You see: he HAD to rise from the dead. Death could never separate him from the Love who is All in All. And because he is Emmanuel—“God with us”—we, too, cannot but imagine our own tombs emptying out. Easter is our state of being.
So: tulips, lilies and radiating sunshine this day, whatever the weather. From the beginning, throughout the passage, this is who we are, enclosed in God’s liberating embrace.
We are Easter people.
He is risen! Hallelujah!"

R. Scott Appleby,’78
Professor of History and the John M. Regan Jr. Director, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.


The sun is shining bright, and I am reveling in the absolute beauty of this day. It's so incredibly lovely, and the whole general gladness pervading the air makes everyone want to leap and shout for joy. Seeing all the families of classmates, choristers, and friends here for Easter makes me miss our Easter celebrations back at home and my family so so much. But, especially this Easter, I am so thankful for the family of friends that I've found here with whom I now get to celebrate this most blessed and wonderful of weekends! From spontaneous photo shoots  outside the dining hall to watching my roommate go into oodles of joy over the Easter cuteness, from a room all to myself, to a crowded loft full of sixty-plus sweating, smiling singers, I have been relishing every single bit of this Triduum and Easter. How incredible that each year we get to celebrate this all over again and re-live each bit of happiness, only each year it grows on itself--it becomes different, bigger, brighter and better.

Happy Easter, peeps!

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