Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sweet surrender

"We are all of us royalty in exile, made for blessing, battle and beatitude. We were made for the sacramental world in which apples illicitly obtained can curse, and bread can become the body of God. The professed ascetics are walking adventure tales of divine love who awaken our eagerness for whatever wild ascetical adventure will be required of each of us in order to go home." --David Fagerberg.

Professor Fagerberg: literally, who are you?
Just read those words. How incredible. What an absolutely incredible world we live in. Unbelievable. Miraculous. Insane. Sacramental.

"The attempt to understand asceticism will always end in failure unless one admits the possibility of wild, bracing divine love."

I should write a more thoughtful response to these beautifully eloquent and simply expressed thoughts.

But really, when one is in the presence of the truth, all a truly sensible person can really say is: Checkmate.

Good one, God. Ya got me.
Game over.

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