Wednesday, April 25, 2012

make it through

Hey, so here are three things I like:

1) My mom. I mean, she left a cut-throat game of family Yatzee the other night to listen to me vent. Can we say: dedication to your job. When I'm stressed out, I either get all wound up and fired up and the words spew out at 20 miles a minute, or I just sort of melt into an incoherent blob. So the conversation went something like this:
"UGGGGGHhhammmmehhhhh mmooooommmmm. I'm just so-so-so."
"Renée, what's wrong?"
"well it's just that everything is a;lsdkfj92a;fjasdkl. And I'm all like: aksdfjbbbbbbllleeeggghhh, and I just can't uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh"
"Have you been eating right? Did you get the package of vitamins I sent? Have you been getting enough sleep? [pause while someone talks in the background.] Dad asks if you're getting exercise?"
"I meannnnn.. IIIII ahhhhhhh ggggllllsss"
"Okay, sweetie, why don't you go to bed? Get some sleep, and you'll be better in the morning."
"BUT-it's just-I only-it's just-just. AHHHH FINE. OKAY."

Then I get a follow-up e-mail of advice, and my family's agenda for their visit this weekend. "We'll arrive at South Bend at 1:00. Knowing us, we'll get there late. But hey, it's good to have goals."

I love that woman. Also I inherit my punctuality from her. clearly

Of course, I don't follow her advice and go to bed. Instead, I run into the sympathetic arms of:

2) My sister.  She is the best. I've just gotten used to having her around at all times, whatever will I do now that she'll be gone? There's nothing sweeter than being in the same place as someone you love. Because then you can have all the delightful random encounters and run-ins that can turn your day around. It is so sweet when you just run into your best friend and have a ten minute conversation in which you're able to relax and say whatever you've been wanting to say all day, and then once that's off your chest, refueling each other for the rest of the day ahead. I'm so grateful for that.

3) So one problem with college is that I've gotten so bad at handling free time. I'm just not used to it. What do I do with it? How do you spend it? If you finish your to-do list, what is there left to dooo? AHHHH I HAVE SO MUCH FREEDOM AND DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT.
Last night, I found myself with free time and no pressingly urgent business to attend to. So I climbed a tree. I've passed that tree a million trillion times, and it's always just begging to be climbed. And when I finally tackled it, it was more difficult than I imagined. But it was worth it. It's one of those great big old trees that cradles you in the crooks of its branches. You can just loll around in trees like that. They are the best happy thinking places

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