Sunday, April 15, 2012

make a heaven of hell

Liturgical Calendar Check: Happy Divine Mercy Sunday to all y'all! There's a lotta Mercy going around. You're gonna wanna get some.
Soooo when we read The Problem of Pain in C.S. Lewis Class, I was so struck by it yet again. So incredibly beautiful. When reading the chapter on Hell , I found this passage:

Heaven offers nothing the mercenary soul can desire. It is safe to tell the pure in heart that they shall see God, for only the pure in heart want to.”

We often think of the afterlife in terms of a reward--once we pass the test of life with all the correct answers, then we'll see if we made a passing grade, and if so, congratulations! Here comes Heaven. Enjoy singing with harps and wearing white robes for all eternity.

Or if you get an F or below, sorry, you're stuck in Hell. Happy Miserable Eternity to you, enjoy the fire and brimstone.

No no no no. The afterlife is simply a continuation of our spiritual lives here on earth. And if we spend our life on earth falling more and more in love with God, then what happens when we die is a continuation of that. And that continuation we call Heaven--the process of falling more and more in love with endless love. It will take an eternity, to love Him as we ought. It's kind of terrifying.
But if love was never terrifying, it wouldn't be love. 
And it also wouldn't be any fun.

That's the whole point of falling in love--is finding something beautiful and worthy of praise and adoration outside of yourself. Finding something--someone rather-- that takes you outside of yourself. Someone that dazzles you.
Someone that makes a Heaven of Hell (aka God, maybs? Just an idea. throwing it out there).

(Also, whaddup, Midsummer reference)

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