Thursday, April 19, 2012

hedonistic asceticism

This article is phenomenal. C.S. Lewis would be totally on board with this BadCatholic dude. To paraphrase Mere Christianity, a man who lives in vice doesn't know what it is to good, or really what it means to be bad. By settling for vice, he just settles for a wishy-washy version of life. A virtuous person knows what goodness is, and knows better than the man of vice just how bad humans are capable of being.

Also, after reading Prince Caspian, I've been thinking of the Christian life as C.S. Lewis presents it in the book: one big glorious romp. Reason and exuberant, wild joy; solemnity and crazy gladness are all rolled up and molded together, and everyone just runs around with Aslan in the least self-conscious, most wonderful way imaginable. So let the rivers run with wine, it's the weekend,  I have a paper about human dignity to write, music to listen to, Nutella to eat, and Mass in the morning. And then we'll see where the romp takes us from there. It's a wild ride, Catholicism. It's a dangerous business setting out, because once you step on the road, there's no telling where the romp will take you.

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