Thursday, April 12, 2012


You guys.
I love the dorms at school, I love the community, I love that i have a warm place to live and a roof overhead. And I love my roommates. I adore my roommates.

But there are few things about living in a dorm that are just the pits.

One is that you're expected to coexist with 200 girls in peace and harmony.
Quick Question: In what world is that possible?

Also, you participate in more than a normal percentage of social interactions while in a bath towel or bathrobe.
Talk about being vulnerable.

Finally, you are subjected to weird noises that have little to none explanation. Take this morning, for example, there are sneezing noises outside our window. 
Who (or what?) is sneezing?

My roommate (I adore my roommates) suggested it might be a bird.
"Birds don't sneeze," I countered.
She smiled with pity on the little arts and letters major who thinks she knows things about biology. "Everything that respirates through openings on its face can sneeze," she responded. 
So not only did I just get educated on bird sneezes, it also opened up a hilarious and fuzzily adorable new Youtube subculture:

Can we say preshdorable?

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  1. And the bunnies. Can't forget the bunnies.