Friday, March 30, 2012

well that happened

Somedays you wake up, yawn, stretch, hop off the bunk, and say your morning prayers. You work out, do homework, take a shower, get dressed and start the day off right-- with singing in the shower and smile on your face.

That's somedays.

Other days, you wake up to a phone call from a committee member with a question about the event later that day, also, you've missed a text from a friend, so congrats, and it's about two hours after you set your alarm, so you've missed two meetings with professors. So you say [expletive], scramble out of bed, and feel exactly like you have no idea what you're doing with your life. (Also, that bed-head is looking SO GOOD on you. When will you be able to shower next? Who knows.)

So that was yesterday, which got off to the roughest start imaginable. It's those days when you wake up and all you can do is put your ratty hair up in a messy bun and say: "Lord, you've gotta take this one, because I really don't got it today." And then, He does. When I decided to stop scowling halfway through the day, I realized how much God had just reached down and smoothed things over.
My saint of a mother, who patiently listened to me vent on the phone [thanks, Mom], sent me the the most darling e-mail, with Mother Teresa's famous words: "God does not require us to succeed. He only requires that we try." That woman knows me too well; nothing like a little Mama T to soothe the savage beast. And then I declared a Theology major, and I glowed with happiness. (A beautiful and happy conclusion to all the PLS/major/life angst we were experiencing around about here.) And then I learned my wittle brother got into ND!!!! Boom. Trading in one sibling for another. Love it.

And then the event we planned--a party for kids in the local community and their families went so well. All the kids who came were preshdorable, and the families were just awesome. One of the dads was just having a great time with his kids, making paper airplanes and dancing around with them.
Have you ever seen an eight-year-old boy shuffle to Party Rock Anthem? It might be the best thing ever.

And then the most roller-coaster-ish of days ended, appropriately, with laughter and realtalk and milkshakes and burgers at Steak 'N' Shake, at 3 AM.

Lesson of the Day: Thank God for people who make the world a brighter place [lightbearers, I guess you could call 'em]. And thank God for God.
What a guy. Amiright or AMIRIGHT?

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