Monday, March 19, 2012

sono molto molto contento

Buon giorno, amici!
This morning, [yesterday morning, rather,] we departed from Italy, and journeyed back to the USA.

It was a phenomenal pilgrimage and spiritual journey, and I will definitely write more about it to come, but I am currently working on finishing a paper (about the trip) for my class--which is in approximately five hours.

Spring Break Problems.

But not really.

Because I got to see this:

St. Peter's at sunset. Bellissimo.

Assisi at Sunrise.
This is the view from our hotel balcony. Note the moon at the top, and the mist blanketing the Umbrian hills and valleys. So incredibly peaceful and beautiful.
Assisi itself is one big retreat center. Absolutely incredible.


We only had about four hours to spend in Florence (not even kidding). But this is the beautiful Cathedral of Florence, named Il Duomo. And although you can't see it in this picture, there is a beautiful cupola on the other side of the cathedral that you can climb to the top of, and look out over the city. Although the stone stairs were so steep they verged on ladder-like, the view was completely worth it. Florence is such a gorgeous city.

Ohp. And look we have the Coliseum, being magnificent and ancient. As it is wont to do.

And finally, the Bridge of the Angels, casually spanning the Tiber.
We just got back from our pilgrimage, and I am already looking forward to returning. Italy just stole a piece of my heart. Look at that lighting, those colors, that architecture. It's impossible not to fall in love.

Now I must go write that paper.
How do you say sleep-deprived in Italian?

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