Saturday, March 3, 2012

little drops of sunshine

Hey guess what?
This has been a pretty wonderful weekend, despite the threat of midterms looming. But just beyond the ominous grey clouds one can just catch a glimpse of the eternal city--Rome.
Roma, I'll be with you in a week!

Until the final victory over midterms has been won, here are several small victories that have been brightening the snowy day.
This. Just this. One more reason to be excited for Brave.
I think the word we're looking to describe this is preshdorable.

So, my thing about college is that it is not a free pass for bad/gross behavior.
Throwing up all over a dorm room? That's gross. Sorry. It's just gross. And you can't just excuse your behavior by shrugging and saying: "It's college, man." Nope, doesn't work that way.
But, I'm afraid I haven't been quite living up to that.
You see, today, I washed my sheets.

My little sister--Newly-Minted Teen Sister, as she's been called before on this blog-- was born today. I couldn't ask for a more radiantly beautiful drop of sunshine in my life. Now no longer a Newly-Minted Teen, she's grown into a beautiful young lady.

So lucky to have her in my life.
College is marvelous, but I miss being constantly surrounded by my siblings. Siblings are definitely the most precious of God's gifts. Older siblings are constant (even if unconscious or unwilling) role models, and little siblings are the best teachers. They teach you how to live, how to find the joy and excitement and newness in everything.

We were recently discussing the sadness that comes from leaving childhood behind. While I agree that there's something lost you can't get back, I believe that you can still keep all the good of childhood with you, and retain a lot of those child-like qualities. Siblings remind you how to be young, because they remind you of yourself as a youngster. And they invite you to join them at their level. If you accept that invitation, then you get the incredible gift of going back in time and allowing yourself to be a child again.

One more reason why families are the bomb.

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