Monday, March 26, 2012

itching for Holy Week

I am the MOST Italy-sick right now.
I just want to go back Rome. I want to return to Italy. There was absolutely no work to worry about. I just sat in the warm Tuscan sun, writing in my journal, listening to the birds sing.

I just want to go back to a place where the street names are engraved on the corners of buildings, and the pavement is cobbled and uneven, where there are palm trees and olive trees growing side by side. Where the sky is always blue, where the flowers always smell sweet-the small baby wildflowers on the roadsides, and the overwhelming forests of flowers that the flower stands sell on the side of the street.

I miss how I felt each morning, waking up with slightly greasy hair-the hotel shampoo never really cleaned it well enough-- (whoops) slip into a sundress, head downstairs for espresso and breakfast, and then walk out into the crisp morning air, and embark on another incredible adventure into some magnificent church, or story-filled ruins. I just want to go back to where we kept to a strict diet of pasta, gelato and pizza. Or delicious wine, that can be yours for only 3 euro.
What a magic place. I miss it so so much. I just want to go back to the non-real world, where I felt happy, healthy and whole, alive and beatuiful, warm and surrounded constantly by love, friends, and gladness.

So you know what I keep looking forward to?

Holy Week.

If i can just make it through this week, then we'll get to Holy Week. And during Holy Week, it'll be like we're back in Italy. We'll be spending all our time in the Basilica, or singing. The world will be swimming in love and the Holy Spirit, and we'll have so much free time, and we'll just get to spend it all together. We'll be solemn and sing with hearts a-trembling at Tenebrae and Good Friday, and then on Holy Saturday, the vigil will come. We'll celebrate with cake afterwards, meet people's parents, and we'll shout "Hallelujahs" and be drunk on the Holy Spirit and Easter Joy. Then, we'll wake up bright and early and sing mass again. We'll head to the dining hall for the feast of victory of our God, and we'll celebrate with Cantata. Then, we'll sit in the sun all day together, until Easter Vespers, which are unbelievably beautiful luminous. And we'll sing Hail, Gladdening Light and weep with joy. Then, we'll go to dinner all together afterwards. And then finally we can feast on Nutella at the Indulgence party. And then, exhausted and joyful, we'll finally look at homework on Easter Monday.

I can't wait. We just need to make it to Palm Sunday.

Let the count down begin.

Day one. Here we go.

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