Monday, February 6, 2012

time to get vulnerable, peeps

This weekend, the Identity Project of Notre Dame is presenting their annual Edith Stein Project.

This year's project is entitled: Encountering Vulnerability: Courage, Hope and Trust in the 21st Century.

It should be a beautiful weekend, full of refreshing, renewing talks, fellowship, and insight into what role vulnerability plays in our lives as men and women. There are talks about adoption, eating disorders, marriage, relationships, sexuality, and last but not least: Jane Austen. (I'm really excited for that one. Surprising, I know.)

If you're in the Notre Dame area, and you don't know what to do this weekend, then check it out!
I'll be there, pumped full of coffee and ready to party--Edith Stein style. I'm beyond pumped, I'm stoked.
I'm even buying run-free nylons in honor of the occasion. And as a poor, transportation-deprived college student, that's saying a lot.
(And I may or may not be super excited about the biz-cajzh dress I purchased. And as an arts and letters student, the fact that I own a biz-cajzh dress is saying a lot.)

And whether or not you're in the area, please pray for the success of the conference, the safety of all those traveling to the conference, and for a spiritually and intellectually renewing and rejuvenating weekend for everyone.

Also, I will finally get to see The Human Experience.

So excited for this.

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