Monday, February 13, 2012

it's high tide

From Bad Catholic: The Church of the Rebels. (and the hipsters?)

That's just a stellar article.
We were in the Basilica, singing Ave Maria last night during vespers, and I looked up at the ceiling of the Lady Chapel of the Basilica. It looks like this:

(minus the ND watermark)

And I was just struck by how beautiful and majestic life is. It overwhelms you with its beauty, it drowns you in the mystery and the glory that hides in every moment.
It made me so grateful to be Catholic. A Church that fearlessly believes in and stands for Beauty--the transcendent beauty that exists within the human being, a reflection of the beauty and glory of God, which we get to participate in. A beauty and majesty which the Church fights for even when unpopular, even when outdated, even when they're all but ignored.

It kind of makes your heart smile real big, and your feet do a little happy dance.

So sue me, I'm marginally obsessed with Catholicism.
Slash Beauty/Truth/God/Life.
It's casual.

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