Thursday, February 16, 2012

the I where there is no I

The Edith Stein Project has come and gone, ladies and gentlemen. And what a vulnerable weekend it was. The highlights of my weekend were:

Friday afternoon, Dr. Vicki Thorn gave a beautiful biological explanation of human bonding, and our vulnerability within this beautiful dance of human sexuality. She touched on how our society fails to understand the complexities and intricacies of human bonding, and how our lack of understanding of our body and its need to bond renders us vulnerable to our own selves.

Saturday afternoon, Sr. Anne Astell gave a marvelous talk on the Carmel of Edith Stein; on how our human spirits are called to mystical participation in the Incarnation. How at the CORE of a person, there is God.

Also Saturday afternoon, Ashley Crouch of the Love & Fidelity Network gave an incredibly beautiful talk on feminine beauty, and vulnerability within a woman's body, beauty and self-image. In her speech, she mourns that society uses feminine beauty as a selling tool--beauty is translated into market power. Thus, woman have to separate their feelings and emotions-their selves-from their beauty. But our beauty is an integral part of ourselves, and society needs our beauty--body and soul--in order to be enriched and renewed. My favorite quote from her talk: "Vulnerable surrender to God is key to understanding [oneself]."

And here is my own contribution to the conversation on vulnerability, published by the Good Woman Project.

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