Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hop to it

Haven't done much reflection on lightbearing recently. Found this gem in our Catholic Social Tradition class today:

"When we share our talents and our possessions with the forgotten ones of this world, we share Christ. This is not the prelude to evangelization, it is the essence of evangelization itself."--
"What We Have Seen and Heard"

And it popped out to me as a sentence worth pondering.

Plus also, I am having a jolly good time going around introducing myself as a theatre and theology major (theatre-ology, one friend dubbed it), and enjoying the varied and sundry raised-eyebrow reactions. Some people are surprised by the theatre, some by the theology, and most by the combination of the two.

But I find that they're both more connected than one might think. We just finished reading Evangelii nuntiandi, Pope Paul VI's apostolic exhortation, calling upon all Catholics, but particularly lay people, to renew and refresh their perspective on evangelization. And, like the quote above says, the essence of evangelization is to share Christ. Period. Whether through actions, words, or merely a smile; or, to mirror the action of the Author of Creation, through storytelling.

Theatre and theology are both in the business of storytelling. Theology seeks to tell us the story of God, of salvation, and essentially, the story of what it means to be hnau-truly human. Theology tells the One Story.
Theatre is the art of bringing that story to life.
Boom. Connection.

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  1. We just finished reading Evangelii Nuntiandi in my catechetics course! I loved it.... so relevant for the times today.