Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hi mom

On Monday, I received an e-mail which made me incredibly excited, and in the words of Jo March: "exceeded my finest dreams." Naturally, the first person I had to share the news with (besides the friends and strangers in the immediate vicinity) was my mummy. I called her, but since I wanted the surprised and joy to be immediate, I refused to tell her what it was until tomorrow. In response, I received this e-mail, which was just too delightful not to share. It perfectly captures her whimsically goofy quaint humor:

"Top 10 worst things a daughter can do to her mother:
10. Pinch her
9. Play Twister two weeks after back surgery
8. Feed her liver and onions
7. Elope
6. Date a jerk
5. Eat all the chocolate in the house
4. Short sheet her bed
3. Leave dirty laundry under her bed
2. Paint her fingernails black
1. Tell her something wonderful has happened, but [you] won’t tell her until tomorrow....."

Ladies and gentlemen, my mother.
[notice how dating a jerk comes before eating all of the chocolate. My family has our priorities straight. Especially where chocolate is concerned. There are many things in life to be trivial about. Chocolate is not one of them.]
What girl could ask for a better one? She's the best in the business.

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