Saturday, February 11, 2012

give of your heart

Dear popsicle sticks:
I'm writing to you live from the Edith Stein Project this afternoon. Despite a car accident, an early birth of a baby, and lost luggage, everything has been going smoothly and happily.
I can't wait to recap each and every wonderful talk.

Right now, I am currently sitting in Kathryn Lopez' talk on vulnerability in the media. She is discussing how the media has currently featured different pro-life, pro-woman, and Catholic phenomena in the media.

She said:
"One who has hope writes differently."

And that's what this weekend is to me: it's a renewer and restorer of hope. As Dr. William B. Hurlbut says in the film The Human Experience (which we watched last evening--and was a stunningly beautiful film), "The nature of life is to be hopeful." And this conference fuels and encourages our hope.

And it's also a chance to get mah vulnerable on.

Oh yeah.

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