Saturday, January 21, 2012

there's a story in the sidewalks.

So I'm back in D.C.
And it's been phenom. Absolutely phenom.

There's something about this city that make me want to be First Lady.

One friend noted that what makes D.C. different than so many other big cities is that there are no sky-scrapers. The tallest buildings are the historical monuments: the Capitol, the Washington Monument, etc. All these buildings tell a story, all the tombstones in Arlington have a history, and every little old street-corner and shop have some sort of memory associated with them. And it's exciting. There are important people and foreign dignitaries and movers and shakers bustling about all over the place. You never know who you'll run into.

And the excitement in the air, the knowledge that Very Important Things are happening makes me want to be right in the middle of it. We made the annual pilgrimage to the First Lady Exhibit in the Smithsonian. And I started plotting and planning the Presidential china set, and drawing inspiration from Nancy Regan's inaugural ball gown. I'm positively itching to join those incredible women.

And then we walked out the Smithsonian, and saw a brilliant orange sunset over the Potomac.

I'm in love with this place.

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