Sunday, January 22, 2012

source of hope & cause of our joy

Archbishop Rhoades gave an absolutely riveting homily at Mass this afternoon. I don't know what exactly struck me about his simple message, but I think it was the earnestness and the dead seriousness in his words.

He spoke of metanoia, which means a conversion--a complete change in the mind and heart, in the will and intellect--which spoke to my own feeble and wibbly-wobbly heart. It was a reminder that a life of Faith means a life of constant conversion. C.S. Lewis describes the Christian life as one that is made of choices. And each choice we make turns us closer or further away from God. I'm paraphrasing, but he describes evil as an entity that is constantly popping up, and our struggle for goodness is an effort to constantly strike down the evil that crops up. The entire life of a Christian is one of metanoia.

The Archbishop didn't say anything out-of-the-ordinary, or overly dramatic, but his speech began to ring with a palpable preparing-the-troops-for-battle feeling. Especially when he spoke of Friday's events. It sent chills up and down my spine. And got me so ready for the March tomorrow!

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