Friday, January 27, 2012

little plops of gladness

I have absolutely no right to be blogging about anything right now. None.

It's Friday. And I need to be productive. Like homework. Homework would be a good idea, right?


But, instead, we're going to do a quick run-through of the various blessings of the week.

Lucenarium last night at Moreau. The homily was incredible. Actually, all homilies recently have been telling me exactly what I needed to hear. (I see you, God. I see what you're doing. Well played.) Last night was just a beautiful reflection on love and humility. In the marriage counseling course the seminarian was running, a woman checked "YES" to the question: "Does your future spouse ever humiliate you?" on the pre-counseling questionnaire.
Can we say: red flag?
Naturally, he brought it up in the counseling session. He said the woman was surprised he thought to mention it. And he was surprised she was surprised. Then, after talking it out he realized that in this woman's native language (English was her second language), there was no differentiation between "to humiliate" and "to humble." The woman was not humiliated by her spouse; she was humbled. The fact that this incredible man loved her and cherished her so much humbled her. How beautiful.

Project 2012. Project 2012 aka Project Awkward Tension.
Project 2012's goal is to eliminate awkward tension (of the romantic or otherwise variety) in all relationships. There's just no reason for that. And I'm proud to say Project 2012 has performed admirably so far this year. Here's to a much less awkward-tension-filled year!

Well, speaking of awkward....That Awkward Moment When you have to ask someone in an e-mail: "please pardon my bluntness, but are you a gentleman or a lady?" Urgh. Struggles.

Writing is like butterfly catching. Kind of. It's like there are words floating in the wind, and when you reach out your hand, you catch one. You look at it, consider it, and then you pluck another one out of the atmosphere. You mix them together, roll them around, rearrange them, blend them, juxtapose them. You find another, and then all of a sudden, like magic, they smush together in a satisfying phrase that rolls around your mouth as smooth as silk. And you know you've found the perfect phrase. You just have to catch the right words, let them play, and then basically the words do the writing for you.

Words are living, breathing things with pictures and stories of their own. In The Silver Chair, C.S. Lewis describes a subterranean country where the earth is so warm and vibrant that there are rivers of gold, and pools of diamonds. Rubies are fruits that grow on trees, and you can eat them. Jewels are warm and nurturing, not hard and cold. Words are something like that. Words run free, and you have to listen to what they have to tell you, and then capture them. Think of the word crimson. Crimson is like crushed silk. Crimson is less angry than scarlet, but more alive than burgundy. Or the word quotidian. You could just say: daily. But that wouldn't capture the delicious comfort of a daily ritual or occurrence. Each of the words have a different character, and in order to use them correctly, you have to learn their character.

Over this past weekend, we ate at some phenomenal restaurants. Saturday night, cold and tired and mentally exhausted from homework, we stumbled upon a hole-in-the-wall, family-owned Mexican restaurant. It was the yummiest. I have never tasted food so good. Every single one of us received huge platters of food. And we ate every single crumb. And then we proceeded to groan with delight over how good food is. If I ever doubted the existence of God, I would just eat some food. Nothing that good can exist without a creator. Amen. Lawyered.


  1. Your Project 2012 sounds very similar to my Project 2010, which was to have non-awkward interactions with guys (I think the exact phrase I used was "functional relationships" lol). I will say though, for what it's worth, that guys typically interpret awkward tension as sexual tension. Thus it might be a good thing to have awkward tension around the place if you like a guy. Just a thought. :)

  2. Hey! I tagged you in a post.... :)