Sunday, January 29, 2012

home away from home

Continuing the theme of counting one's blessings. Here are two reasons why my snug little room has been one of my favorite things every this year.

My roommates are bomb. Pillow talk, laughing, gossiping, snuggling, sharing life, deep talks, and eating lots of chocolate together. We have too much fun. Furthermore, my roomie just left her itunes on. The Lion King's "He Lives in You" came on, and then right after that Selena's classic: "Year Without Rain." Yes. YES. This is why we are perfect for each other.

My bed.
Sometimes, I crawl into my bed and it hits me how wonderful bed is. It's amazing how that bed has seen me through so many different troubles and happinesses, and each night I crawl back in, and wake up ready to start a new day. A bed is the one constant in the craziness of life. And I like that.

Our beautiful big windows. They look out onto the courtyard, which is lush and green in the warm weather, and covered with snow in the winter. It's so beautiful. It lets in so much light, and makes the room seem much less cramped than a typical college dorm room.

My little nook. Under my bunk is my nook, which is usually filled with lots of my belongings. And I love it. But this year-- this year, thanks to my New Year's Resolutions, I will keep it clean. I swear.

We'll see how long this lasts.

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