Thursday, January 19, 2012

capacitated to understand

"You cannot peddle truth or happiness; what a though cost in the first instance, it will cost in the second,[Paul Holmer,] thus "Whatever it cost Augustine to understand grace, it will cost us to understand grace, if we would really understand it and not just repeat what the textbooks have said about it."--Professor Fagerberg

Fagerberg is teaching my C.S. Lewis course this semester. Yes, you heard that right. I am taking a course dedicated entirely to C.S. Lewis' works this semester. Holler.
Getting into the rhythm of a new semester is always a challenge. You try to figure out when you have classes and where and how much time it takes you from one to the other. You figure out how much homework time you have and how much free time and whose lunch break matches up with whose. It's all very frightfully delightful. Busy and insane, but delightful.
But it leaves no time for blogging. Except when you find beautiful quotes that beg to be shared.

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