Saturday, December 17, 2011

tirra lira by the river

So, one of my roommates has had an awful influence on my vocabulary. Like she does, whenever I get overwhelmed by emotion, I start speaking in exclamations. Like this:

Ah! Home! Christmas! Snow! Snow snow snow snow!!

When I hopped off the bus, there was snow falling from the sky in beautiful bunches of flakes. The happiest. It made me want to run and fly and leap and jump and make dozens of beautiful beautiful snow angels.

Since I dozed to my heart's content on the bus, I got home and was not a bit sleepy. So, first off I scrounged around the kitchen to find the perfect dinner. In the spirit of "shoot-I've-totally-spent-more-money-than-I've-meant-to-and-Christmas-presents-still-need-to-be-bought" I decided not to eat Panda Express, although I've been craving Chinese food for a week straight. When scavenging through the bread basket, I happened upon the leftover St. Lucia's day rolls, and I "merf"ed with delight. How I missed St. Lucia's day.

After my impromptu midnight dinner, I decided to casually wash the dishes while all of us chatted around the kitchen table. My favorite part of washing dishes in our house is that there is inevitably a shotglass or two sitting next to the sink. And the shotglass usually contains the remnants of my parents' osteoporosis medicine or "joint juice" as they like to call it. That, in a nutshell is why I'm so glad to be home. Nothing like a Friday night with the clan. I'm in love with my parents and their crazy partyin' ways.

So happy to be back. Leaving school this semester was the hardest it's ever been. I was packing and I kept thinking: "I'm not ready to go, I don't want to leave." I'm already looking forward to going back. But being home is marvelous, and the feeling of having literally nothing hanging over your head--no work to be done, no projects to be finished-- is just the best feeling ever. I can't wait for the crazy four weeks that await us here at home. There's no place like home sweet home for the holidays.

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