Monday, December 12, 2011

the strange un-reality of comfort food

Have you ever had that moment where you're sitting in the dining hall, surrounded by hundreds of other students studying/procrastinating, eating your chicken poppers; and, as you dip your chicken into the barbecue sauce and pop it in your mouth you suddenly are hit by the lightening bolt of a realization that what you're experiencing right now is the farthest thing from reality?

Oh yeah. I know. Common occurrence, right?

But seriously, that's not really what life is about. Life isn't about eating chicken poppers in the dining hall. Life is about climbing mountains and running across the quad with your arms outstretched like airplanes. It's about dancing on tables in the rain. It's about running away and coming home. It's about eating newly-falled snow and letting the small little flakes fill your mouth with feelings of Christmas. It's about laughing so hard you cry and it's about snuggling down to watch It's a Wonderful Life on a cold snowy night. It's about fighting battles and loosing them. It's about smiling when you feel like crying and it's about giving someone a hug when you can't find anything to say. Sometimes you just have to dance around your room, because the great grandeur of life overwhelms you.

Life is so much more bright and grand and brilliant than chicken poppers lead us to believe.

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