Wednesday, December 28, 2011

scope for imagination

Once upon a time, I played Bingo every Thursday with a group of delightful women at a nursing home. Have you ever played Bingo with elderly ladies? Until you play Bingo with elderly ladies you will never know what Jo March went through taking care of her Aunt March. Don't get me wrong, I will love my Bingo ladies until the day I die. But it's rather startling to see how playing a simple game of Bingo will bring out the competitive and petty sides of people. Even 90-year-old ladies.

But they also taught me a really valuable lesson--they gave me the secret to aging well. The secret to aging well--or just to life in general--is a healthy dose of perspective and humor. If you have the ability to put things in perspective and to laugh off the small trials and tribulations of everyday life, then you can sail through life with grace.

This here offers a healthy dose of perspective:


  1. I challenge you to a game of Bingo.

  2. I challenge both of you old fögïës to a game of Bingo. brrrrinnnggg it.