Tuesday, December 20, 2011

famines of thought and feeling

There are some songs/movies/books/poetry, etc. that make you come alive; that make you want to run, or jump, or dance, or hug something, or cry or laugh, or sigh, or do all three all at the same time. They just make you want to DO something.
This is one of those songs/scenes:

And then there's that Lord of the Rings video I posted so recently. 
But it completely deserves to be re-posted.

Because, there was one time I was feeling blah and drab. I felt like a plant that was wilting, not for lack of water or food, but just because of lack of spirit to stand upright. And then, at a happy moment of inspiration, Gandalf's words came to me, and it was like sunshine coming from the outside into the dark cavern of my spirit. (The Cave, yo. Referencin' The Cave. Total PLS Move). Moments of grace, we call those. 
Moments of grace. 
The Guernsey Lit. Soc., etc. was one of those books that's just completely full of simple, countrified grace. This quote from the Guernsey Lit. Soc, etc. was one of my favorites:

"through some queer sort of intuition, I always know where she is, just as I know where my hands are--and if I didn't, I should be sick with worry."

Juliet is writing of her maternal feelings for Kit. And with that one quote, she describes not only what mothers feel in a very strong and concentrated way for their children, but what it means to love someone. After reflecting upon this quote, I have come to the realization that knowing where someone is is sort of an essential part of caring about someone. If you don't really particularly enjoy someone than you couldn't care less where they are, just so long as it's not anywhere in your particular vicinity. But when you care about someone, you want to know where they are. Not in a creepy, friend-tracking-app kind of way, but just in a general sense. In a comfortable, cozy way. When you know where someone is, they're not as far away.

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