Sunday, December 18, 2011

all it needs is a little love

There she is, ladies and gents. The fruit of a morning's labor and diligent search. We arrived at the tree lot a little before lunch, and vowed not stop until we found the perfect tree. We looked here and we looked there. We flirted with the idea of buying several different trees. We searched high and we searched low. And suddenly, we found him.

As soon as I saw the tree, I knew we could have no other. It positively screamed: "Pick me! I belong to you!" I was struck by the sense that this tree embodied everything a Christmas tree of ours should embody. I was overwhelmed by the sense that this tree was made for us. I've never felt that way about a Christmas tree before, but I went with the feeling. I pulled on my sister's sleeve and drew her attention to the tree. "That's perfect," she responded. "It's ours," said my other sister. "Ewwwww, I hate it!" cried the sassy one, "it has a broken branch." And so it did. "It just needs a little love," protested my dad. We all examined every part of the tree. Despite (because of?) the broken branch, it was just the perfect tree. It was the epitome of all the other trees we ever had over the years, wrapped in one beautiful Christamas-scented balsam fir.

We decided to search around and make sure that we absolutely wanted this one. But there was no fighting it. The tree was made for us, and therefore we bought it. We brought it home, and lovingly set it in its place of honor in the family room. And there it sits, as pretty as a picture. Right where it belongs.

Moral of the story: in all of life's decisions, trust your instincts. They're usually dead-on. Especially when it comes to Christmas trees.

***Update: Our tree now has a name (duh. don't you name your Christmas trees?). It is Ivan Theodore (Teddy for short).***

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  1. I love that you name your Christmas tree!!! Very cool! I've been telling and telling my friends that it's normal to name your Christmas tree, and this is proof! Thanks for sharing. :) Also, Teddy looks like a winner. Good choice.