Saturday, November 26, 2011

serene and kindly countenance

Dear Peeps:

Just arrived back at the domicile from Mass with mi hermana. Now Mass is usually pretty legit, but this one was fantastic. Like many of the most bestest masses, it was one where the homily discoursed on absolutely *everything* I've been thinking about over the past weeks. My sister's review of the homily: "It was kind of all over the place," Maybe, but that's because Father literally hit up every single subject that has been on my mind. I kept poking my poor sister, because he kept stealing all my thoughts and putting them into words. Fantastic. Amazing.

He used the new translation of the Mass as kind of a jumping-off point to talk about beauty and reverence, which brought him to the importance of the liturgy as a sacrament, which then brought him to talk about the sacraments as the heart of our faith. I was internally jumping up and down in my seat.

Recently, I was in class, and the professor claimed that social justice was just as important and integral to the Catholic faith as the sacraments. While I see what he was trying to say, I just balk at the wording. Christ in the Eucharist is not just central to our faith, or important, or a somewhat-interesting feature of our faith. It is our faith. I should say, rather that He is our faith. The Eucharist is not just "a thing" or an "important thing" it is the Only Thing. Love in action is at the root of the Catholic Church, I'll give you that. But the Eucharist is Love. And unless our actions are united to that love, they will dry up, we'll run out of steam. Mother Teresa always had her sisters spend time in the Eucharist each day. Because they were out in the streets, gettin' down 'n' dirty, and showing love in action in the most radical way possible. And they were able to pour themselves out for others because of the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the source. Everything follows from that.
It was Father's little meditation on what it means to love Christ, through the liturgy, through the church, through our own personal encounters with Him. Although, he reminded us, we never enter into prayer alone. Prayer in its very essence is communion. It was beautiful.

And then, the new translation.
In the words of Kuzco, BOOM, BABY.
It's good.
Oh it is good.
It is G-O-O-D.
It is so freaking beautiful.
The phrases are just pure music crystallized in prose.
The Eucharistic Prayer? It is bomb. It's the

"graciously accept this oblation of our service"
"precious chalice in his holy and venerable hands"

How can your very being not be moved by such poetry incarnated. The words inundate you, seep into your soul, and wash over you in a mesmerizing wave of grace.

It makes me feel like dancing. It's just that beautiful. Don't believe me? Come see for yourself. You'll leave with that happy feeling in your feet and that tappity feeling in your toes.

Mass Success.

[/end Nerdy Catholic Rant]

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