Wednesday, November 23, 2011

returning feet and voices at the door

Home. Home home home home home home home.
I'm home.
Lovely, lovely, glorious, marvelous, perfect, wonderful, joyful, lovely, blessed, happy, fantastic, superb, lovely, beautiful, happiest feeling.

We walked in the door at 3am this morning. I had slept for about eight of the ten-ish hours we were driving (They didn't allow me to drive. Something about my driving skills leaving much to be desired...? IDK and IDC. I got to sleep. Fastest. Car ride. Evverrrr), so I bounced in the door fresh as a daisy.

The lovely thing about being home is that everything is right where you expect it to be. All the familiar foods are in the cabinet, all the familiar people are where they ought to be. And there are little new things that surprise you, like the pretty new couch, or the pretty new car. (My sister and I jumped in the car yesterday to go shopping. "Have you driven this before?" she asked anxiously. "Naw. Guess I'll just figure it out as I go along," I responded nonchalantly, and then sat back and enjoyed the mini-panic attack she had.

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I was pounced upon by the mini-kids and taken to the kitchen where we sat down for an intensely competitive round of their newest addition to the game cabinet: Ratuki (I'm just gonna throw it out there that I won. But who's counting?).

Highlight of my day: my little sister (the sassy one) gave me a big hug as I was walking out the door to go Christmas shopping with mom. And then she said: "You smell pretty."
Cue the Heart Melt.

I love being home.

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  1. Totally know that happy feeling..... hope you're having a lovely break!