Saturday, November 12, 2011

no swiss cheese for us please

God's sense of humor is bitingly keen this morning.

Approximately 48 minutes ago, I turned in my study abroad application!
London, here I come! (hopefully)
Then, I put on my white blouse, cardigan and heels, and clip-clopped my way down to this conference. (Which was mistaken by my friend as a "party of smart people" and religious. Lots and lots of religious. Although no Missionaries of Charity have been sighted. Yet.)
Anyhow, I'm now sitting in a colloquium on University of Education. This very last presenter is the head of the Office of International Studies, and she is currently discussing internationalization and study abroad in the context of a Catholic university tradition.

The irony is so thick, I think it would take a machete to slice through it.

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