Tuesday, November 1, 2011

leaving early to arrive late

Why can't I quit PLS? I want to-or do I? -yes-no-yes-no yesnoyesno. GAH.
I think I love the ideal of PLS. But just because I love the ideal doesn't mean I should major in it, right? Right? A question I've put to myself: Would C.S. Lewis be PLS? And a voice inside me is whispering: no. Shoot. I thought I was pretty set in my major, having settled down into a happy rhythm. But a lunch discussion today has made me start reconsidering again. *ANGST*

Well, I for sure know I won't switch to psychology. Psychology is ridiculous. For example, in the lecture on love (which, for the record, our professor [a definite romantic] professed he did not believe could be quantified by psychological experiences and phenomenon only.), we studied what different things men and women look for in relationships. Apparently, according to our professor, women want a challenge (No, my mind objected reflexively, women want to be cherished.). The case he brought up to prove this point was that when a group of women, were exposed to a group of men, 59% of them responded that they would be interested in dating him. BUT, when they were exposed to a man and told he had a girlfriend, 90% responded that they were interested in dating him. So, apparently, that means women like a challenge?

I would suggest otherwise. I think that means that

A) People are vain. It's frustrating knowing that although you're *clearly* the most beautiful woman in existence, a guy has the utter nerve to find a girl he thinks is more beautiful. Oh, the effrontery. Our poor little egos are wounded. We'll show them. After they spend a few hours in our dazzlingly entrancing company, they'll be dying to date us.

B) People like to know that the good they desire is perceived by the social group to be desirable. Because we're such utterly social creatures, we like to like the same things our friends like. That's why lemmings jump off cliffs. I mean, all the other lemmings are doing it. So, if every woman in the United States thought Shia LaBeouf was the most unattractive man ever, fewer women would want to date him. But since he is generally thought to be attractive by the collective group, obviously, someone who wouldn't necessarily be inclined to date him would be more prone to date him because of the status that it would give her. It's not so much about the challenge of dating him, it's the idea that dating him would give her status. Which, I suppose, relates back to the vanity.

Okayyyy, you're thinking, throttle down there, Simba. I guess that whole rant sounds a wee bit cynical and slightly majorly pessimistic. Clarification: I don't think most women (or people in general) operate in this manner. I also don't think that most men look soley for: ovulation, sexual responsiveness, warm smiles, and passion when choosing a someone to share their life with. I could be wrong though.

Women look for a man to cherish them. And men look for a woman to cherish them. And I think that men have more than one thing on their minds, and if they only have one thing on their minds, then they can't excuse themselves by pulling the gender card. They're better than that. I get that men are biologically wired differently than we are, but I'm also wired to be producing adorable little babies. Although my heart starts a-pitter-pattering every time I see a precious little one, that doesn't mean I go around acting in a promiscuous manner, or treating others as a means to reach my end desires.

[/End Gender Relations Soapbox Rant]

All this to say, I think psychology lacks what it takes to explain a lot of human phenomenon that common wisdom does a much better job explaining. I believe in intuition; I'd rather depend on intuition than logic. I love the Miss Marple manner of solving mysteries rather than Hercule Poirot's style. Because Miss Marple's onto something: people always act in astonishingly similar manners-human beings are very much alike in many ways. In fact, it is often easy to predict how a certain person will act based on what other persons they resemble. That's Old Lady intuition. It's the best kind to have. You can't reason it out, you can't back it up with Aquinas-style logic. It's sort of "touch-and-go" as they say. You just work it, own it, live it and love it.

P.S. Happy All Saints day!

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