Sunday, November 27, 2011

framed with disclaimers

Life is about making choices. For example, when you fall asleep on the couch watching Sweeney Todd, and then awake at 3:30 am and have to wake up again at 6:45 am, the way I see it, you really have two options.

Option A)
Say "Oh fudge it all" and go to bed in your warm, comfy, big, downy, soft, warm bed because it's the last time you can do so until Christmas break.
Pros: You get to sleep in your warm, comfy-cozy bed, with its lambs-wool soft sheets and big squishy comforter.
Cons: Your sister the infamous blanket-thief/duvet-hog is already there. Is your warm bed really worth a few measly hours of blanket-deprived, foot-freezing pseudo-sleep?
Cons: Wait, have you done laundry yet?
Final Con: Wait, have you finished packing yet?

Option B)
Watch Pushing Daisies while doing laundry/finishing packing. (And I think it's sadly though abundantly clear that this is the option I'm going with.) At the moment, everything I have to take back to school is in a large, intimidating ring surrounding my suitcase. I'm taking this in baby steps, here. Just one foot in front of the other, here. Lee Pace is keeping me company; together we will get everything packed that needs to get packed.

We have two hours: ready. set. GO.

(P.S. Title cred to Rebecs)

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