Sunday, October 30, 2011

set fire to the rain

Some weekends are more eventful than others. This weekend was particularly so.
I know most of you are under the impression that Halloween has yet to happen, but for college students, Halloween is a done deal. We've had our weekend of festivities (which were sadly lacking-in my humble opinion-in the candy department), and thus dressing up in costume on the actual day is an activity most students don't take part in.
Well, my weekend started out most beautifully on Thursday evening with the Disney Princess Birthday Party. It was the most beautiful of evenings. My heart was trilling as I walked over under the beautiful starry sky to pick up my party-planning friends and set-up for the party. It was a thrilling feeling-being dressed in a beautiful costume (Aurora/Sleeping Beauty), having neatly curled hair, walking with purpose, knowing that you will have an incredibly wonderful evening, no matter what happens, but desperately wanting everything to be just right. I thought to myself: "If I'm this excited for my 20th birthday party, I can't even imagine how excited I'll be for my wedding." It was a truly magical evening. With the help of a few wonderful (non-animal) friends, we had that apartment transformed into a enchantingly-lit, Princess-fied room. We danced, we laughed, we chatted, we celebrated that night away. Disney Princess style. I literally could not have imagined a happier evening.
Friday's celebrations were particularly magical. I was stymied for a costume, so I went with my eternal back-up: Disney Princess (this time I was Megara from Hercules). One of my friends dressed as an Occupy Wall Street protestor, and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. Life was bright, adrenaline-filled, joyful, and beautiful on Friday night. The world sparkled with a thousand smiles and every single moment was filled to the brim with life-pulsing, rushing, vibrant life.
Finally, Saturday night rolled around, and instead of heading off to my friend's apartment for a post-dinner party-prepping gab sesh, I stumbled to my sister's room, doubled over in severe abdominal pain. After talking to my father via cellular phone, we determined that I should definitely visit the health center. So my sister abandoned all hope of a fun Saturday night, and headed off with me to the health center. Essentially, the nurses there informed me-"You may or may not have appendicitis. You should go to the ER."
So they called security, who escorted my loyal sister and me to the hospital. It was a fantastic ride. Both of the policemen possessed snarky senses of humor that birthed such comments as: "The appendix: an organ who's only function is to get infected and kill you. Great." And: "That skunk you're smelling? Little known fact: the smell of skunk is a cure for appendicitis." They were winners, that's for sure. We discussed Disney Princesses (I talk about them on the daily. Is that really so unusual?), and made cracks about my sister being a felon, and just in general had a great life chat. Then, at the hospital, I was escorted into a bright, happy room with muted green colors. The two nurses entered soon after, and helped me get situated.
After my CT scan, two beautiful friends of mine showed up to keep me company-in full Halloween regalia. They had gotten utterly, completely, and hopelessly lost while trying to find the hospital, but they came anyways. We wound up taking pictures, laughing, joking, and wondering at the fact that we were in a hospital on a Saturday night, and having the time of our lives. The young, energetic nurse that was my primary care-giver was just a splendid human being. She helped us take pictures, dubbed us a "slumber party," and listened to all the stories we regaled her with. She was a saint.
I don't know if it was the .007 oz of dilaudid that the nurse slipped into my IV before I stopped her, but everything that night-with the obvious exception of the abdominal pain-was making me very, very happy. Everyone I met was a beautiful specimen of humanity who made my night infinitely more beautiful just by being present. Although I spent Saturday night in the hospital, this has been the happiest of weeks. Seriously. In all honesty, Saturday night may have been the happiest of the nights. And I believe the happiness sprung from the fact that I have felt so phenomenally loved this entire week. And I have had so many wonderful people surrounding me to share these moments of love and happiness with. Love begets love, and happiness begets happiness. I despise most of Mark Twain's writings, but one quote of his I love is: "To get the full value of a joy, it must be shared." What a wise man.
Not to gush-who am I kidding, this post is an out-an-out gush-fest-but every time I think of all the gifts I have received this week, I just smile. And I'm not talking about material gifts, but rather, the real gifts. The time, love, creativity, love, friendship, conversations, memories, meals, celebrations, and love that everyone has given to me and shared with me this week have made my cup runneth over completely. life is simply marvelous. Simply incredibly marvelous. To top it off, at mass this morning, we sang Thaxtet's "Oh God Beyond all Praising." As my friend said: "There's no way it can be a bad day if we sing the Thaxtet." We'll triumph through our sorrows, and rise to bless you still, dear Lord.
Marvel at your beauty.
Glory in your ways.
The world resounds with the glory of God.
It will shine out-like shook foil.*
Every moment is exquisitely crafted in incredible beauty by the Divine Creator. And it can barely be stood, the beauty is so sublime.
I love it-I drink it in and empty it to the dregs. Life is so good right now.
Whether our tomorrows be filled with Good or Ill-
It doesn't matter.
Because God is in this moment. This moment, right now.
And this moment is all I need.

*(to paraphrase Gerard Manley Hopkins)

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  1. Hope you're feeling better, dear!
    (And that song is my favorite- so beautiful!)