Monday, October 3, 2011

Perfect Weekend

This was one of those weekends that perfectly exemplified why I'm here at college.

To set the mood: Throughout this whole weekend, there was a marquee of bright red letters going through my head, pounding like the drums in the deep that said:


[break in writing blog-post to finish editing seminar paper]

I left for a fantastic adventure/retreat Friday afternoon, and on the bus, I was thinking about my paper, all throughout the weekend, I was definitely thinking about the paper. But, then we got to the beautiful lakeshore campsite, and we kayaked, and we struggled through ropes courses in the woods, and we climbed rock walls, and we prayed the rosary on the beach at night, and then we all sang and made s'mores around the campfire, and we laughed and we talked, and we ate weird camp food, and we took joy in the fact that we were alive, the sun was shining, and life is good.

And I stopped thinking about my paper.

My friend invited me to his birthday dinner. And I thought: Shoot. I simply can't spare the time! I've got so much work to do! PAPER. PAPER. PAPER. AHHHHH 
Then I thought: I can't spare the time not to.

Life is too short not to spend time with people you love. People who inspire you and uplift you. Who have beautiful conversations with you, and help you strive toward the highest goals in life.

Life is too short not to live.

So live already. Eight-six four hundred seconds in a day people. Don't waste even one.

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